Have you ever felt like you weren’t
living up to your potential?

Yeah, I’ve been there.

In the summer of 2012, I woke up one morning and couldn’t move.

As I turned my head, nerve pains shot up and down my body.

I realized something in my life had gone completely awry.

To the outside world, I had it perfect.

I graduated from Stanford with a degree in computer science and math, and landed a prestigious job at the United Nations.

Friends and family were so proud of me, and I was making lots of money.

Standford logo and diploma

So why did I feel so empty inside?

Each morning, I felt like I was checking into prison.

The dull stress added up over years and led to me to that morning of immobility in my bed.

Over the following year, I got to work on reconnecting with my own intuition and, for the first time, creating a life on my terms.

I visited Palestine & Israel on a peace delegation trip, and was inspired by the humanitarian resolve by activists and local people on the ground.

After returning to the USA, I decided to put in my two weeks’ notice.

I wasn’t sure what would happen thereafter, but I knew this job wasn’t what I was meant to do on earth.



Since making that leap, I backpacked across India and Bangladesh tracing my family history and connecting to my roots.

I started my own coaching business, helping others realize the fullest potentials in their own lives, relationships, and businesses.

I view everything as a part of a system. I believe that by tweaking what’s not working in your current systems, you can create a life of adventure – whatever adventure means to you.

I know the pain of feeling stuck, trapped, and small. It has become my mission to help others see and live into their own fullest potentials.